Demogexia Survival Update (4/16/2020)

Demogexia Survival Update (4/16/2020)
April 16, 2020 By HyperVx2 Announcement

@everyone, this update includes the return of super spook monster from caves and the nether, more new SF addons, stinkin ranks, and a basic functioning spawn.

New Slimefun Addons
4 new SF addons are added on the server! Enjoy HotbarPets, SlimefunOreChunks, SlimeXpansion, and SoundMuffler. “SlimeXpansion adds 30 additional items, from Wireless Chargers to Bedrock Breakers to make your gameplay more interesting! It allows you to automate a bunch more stuff, such as Ore Mining, which wasn’t really possible before.”

Ultra and Pro Rank
Get more things done faster with the Ultra and Pro rank! Portable crafting table, nicknames, AFK bypass, vein mining, and more stuff. Purchase the Pro Rank for 3.99 USD or with 23 Vote Points. Or get more with the Ultra Rank (30 Days) for 1.49 USD.

Get yours today at or in-game using command /store.

Secure and Safe Trade GUI
Trade your valuable with their valuables with care using the /trade command.

Local Chat on VOICE!
Hello hello? Anyone there? Probably. Hop in to the Waiting Room voice channel with everyone on the party and have a chitchat alongside them.

There’s Spawn After All?
Eventually the spawn had to be made for the newbies and such. Visit the spawn at anytime using the command /spawn. It’s also protected from a few friends just to keep everyone safe 110%.

Monthly Top Voter Awards
Voting can make a difference. Every vote counts. And that’s why we are awarding the Top 3 voter every month and each will receive a special reward for the consistency over the weeks.

Spook af Monsters are back
New mobs emerges to the caverns and the nether! Keep your eyes peeled.

Knowledge is Power
Gather more information about the server at command /einfo.

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