Demogexia Survival Update (4/2/2020)

April 2, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

@everyone, this update includes the Vote System, new Slimefun addons, and mcMMO balancing.

Vote System
Support the server by voting on various server listings. Visit #server-information for the complete information.
Visit the Vote Shop to purchase chat tags and server-wide boosts.

Updated Slimefun and new Addons
Plugin Slimefun has been updated to version RC 10 to patch out and add new stuff. Three addons ExoticGarden, LuckyBlocks SF, and SoulJars are returning to the server.

Visit Slimefun’s changelog for the complete list of changes:

Demogexia Store
The Demogexia Store is now open. Purchase server-wide boosters such as mcMMO XP Boosters Double or Triple, and Chat Tags to fancy your name on chat.
Purchase something now to support the server and the head admin’s wants:

mcMMO Party Balancing
Changed a bit of how party works in the server:
– Level Cap 10 > 25
– Chat Unlock Level 1 > 3
– Teleport Unlock Level 2 > 15
– Alliance Unlock Level 5 > 23
– Items Share Unlock Level 8 > 8
– XP Share Unlock Level 10 > 10
– Near Members needed to level up party
– Party TP (/ptp) Cooldown 120 secs > 180 secs
– Restricted /ptp command to Overworld Dimension

Other Changes
– Removed HelpKit9000
– Updated server software to paper-155
– @スバル is now owner i think
– Cured Villager skin plague (April Fools?)

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