Demogexia Survival Update Changelog (4/16/2020)

April 16, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

This update includes the return of super spook monster from caves and the nether, more new SF addons, stinkin ranks, and a basic functioning spawn.


  • Added /einfo
  • Added /motd
  • Added /rules
  • Added /trade
  • Added /spawn/warp spawn
  • Changed /wild cooldown from 15 minutes to 30 minutes


  • Changed view distance from 5 to 8
  • Added new Slimefun addons
  • Added HotbarPets
  • Added SlimefunOreChunks
  • Added SlimeXpansion
  • Added SoundMuffler
  • Added Stone Axe to Help Kit 1
  • Added ranks Pro and Ultra

Vote System:

  • Added item identifiers to vote sites
  • More command-based, some commands are still GUI-based
  • Added Pro Rank (7 Days) to Vote Shop
  • Enabled Monthly Award messages
  • Cleaner messages

Other Changes:

  • Updated server software to paper-184
  • Made changes to Redeemable Items such as Boosters and Chat Tags.
  • Changed user chat prefix
  • Added world spawn with NPCs
  • Added tips
  • Added local voice channel on Discord
  • Changed Slimefun message prefix

Tags: survival

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