Demogexia Civs Update (17/5/2020)

May 17, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

From Multitallented: This update aims to reduce the toxicity that normally comes with factions servers by incentivizing players to go to war with players who have already attacked others.


  • Each player now has a hardship rating that measures how much they’ve been attacked in war, raids, and hunts. Players with positive hardship get paid whenever they get damages.
  • Players with more hardship than your money balance can’t be hunted.
  • Towns with more hardship than your money balance can’t be targeted by raidporters.
  • Towns with more hardship than your money balance hardship can’t be damaged with siege machines.
  • Towns now display their worth in the bottom right of the town menu.
  • Siege machines now do up to 400 damage per hour, but take longer to evolve.
  • Towns can no longer lose multiple rings in a day.
  • Town rings should lag less when created or destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that recreated a destroyed town if the council room was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with the region list menu not allowing you to click on regions that aren’t in towns.
  • region file sizes should be reduced for regions that don’t have payouts or power production.
  • You can now buy upgrades for housing and statues even if you already have reached your limit for those buildings.
  • Gold mine now requires gold ore.
  • Fixed a bug with chat channels only being selectable for town owners.
  • Warning messages now display when you are combat tagged or enter a non-allied town.
  • Adjusted the merchant tutorial to give more loot.

Other Changes:

  • Updated server software to paper-284
  • Fixed a duplication bug
  • Ender Dragon now drops the same loots as on Demogexia Survival

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