Demogexia Survival Update (14/5/2020)

May 14, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

Updated plugins and added new Slimefun addons.


  • Updated Slimefun4
    • Updated Slimefun4 to version Release Candidate 11
      You may view the change log at
    • Added Slimefun addons: TransEndence, ExtraGear, ChestTerminal, and PrivateStorage
    • Updated LiteXpansion to version DEV 26
  • Updated mcMMO
    • New command /mmoxpbar (alias /xpbarsettings) – Players can choose to always show XP bars or to never show XP bars on a per skill basis
    • XPBars now last for 3 seconds before hiding instead of 2 seconds
    • Fixed an exploit involving fishing rods
    • Fixed a potential resource leak
    • Fixed some potential chunk bugs
    • The first rank of Iron Arm for Unarmed now only gives 1.5 bonus damage instead of 4 (other ranks are the same as before)
    • Blast Mining nerf reverted
    • Fixed a bug where debris were not reduced from Blast Mining skills
    • Fixed a bug where certain types of ore did not receive bonuses from Blast Mining
  • Changed default difficulty from normal to easy
  • HelpKit1 now uses iron materials instead of stone

Other Changes:

  • Updated server software to paper-282
  • Updated /eInfo slimefun

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