Demogexia Survival Update (1/6/2020)

June 1, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

This update includes a pack of new features and changes from the claiming system and world generation.

Quality of Life

  • Added Auto Trasher item for Ultra Rank
  • Keep your inventory clean from dirts, cobblestones, gravel, and etc.
  • Visit Demogexia Wiki for a preview and setup guide at
  • Added Chest Sorter for Pro Rank
  • Automatically sort items of a chest
  • Visit Demogexia Wiki for the command at
  • Added Inventory Sorter for Ultra Rank
  • Automatically sort inventory
  • Visit Demogexia Wiki for the command at
  • (Experimental) Added environmental regeneration mechanism
  • We are testing a new mechanism that restores nature’s beauty from chopped trees and explosions
  • Added new custom enchantments
  • Adds 30 new enchantments
  • Get these from loot chests and from the enchantment table
  • For a complete list of enchantments, visit Demogexia Information at

World Generation

  • Overworld
  • Changed default difficulty easy > normal
  • BIGGER world border 4,480 > 10,624 chunks
  • Caves
  • Depth Temperature is now replaced with Depth Hypoxia. It gives the same effect, but calculated in other way – based on player’s inventory fullness and depth.
  • Ambient Sounds is now played near player instead of straight player’s location.
  • Added a new mob Cave Golem based on skeleton. Has random ore on a head; attacks with 2x multiplier and gives distracting effects; can be attacked only with pickaxes, otherwise damage is multiplied by 0.07x.
  • NEW Resource World
  • Preserve the overworld’s nature and gather new materials at the Resource World
  • Teleport to the new world using the command /resource tp
  • Border size 4,500 blocks, world auto regenerates after 7 days
  • No drowning and suffocation damage and its always sunny


  • Changed initial claim blocks 100 > 250
  • Changed claim blocks accrued per hour 100 > 349
  • Changed max accrued claim blocks 2,000 > 10,000
  • Added 99 Bonus Claim Blocks on each vote

Other Changes

  • Custom nether mobs spawn rate changed 5% > 50%
  • Slimefun will now attempt to auto-update every restarts
  • Server software auto-update every restarts

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