Demogexia Survival Update (June 2020)

Demogexia Survival Update (June 2020)
June 1, 2020 By HyperVx2 Announcement

@everyone, this update includes a pack of new features and changes from the claiming system and world generation.

Auto Trasher, Chest Sorter, and Inventory Sorter (Pro/Ultra Feature)
Keep your inventory from dirts, cobblestones, gravel, etc. with the AT item! Automagically sort your chests and inventory with this new mechanism! For the AT recipe and information about the Chest/Inventory Sorter please visit Demogexia Wiki at

30+ Custom Enchantment
From Demogexia Civs, new enchants such as Smelter, Divine Touch, Treasures, and more are added to Demogexia Survival! Get it from Enchantment Tables and Loot Chests. For a complete list of custom enchantments please visit Demogexia Wiki at

New Cave Mob and Resource World
Watch out for Cave Golems! Use your pickaxe against them! Preserve the overworld’s nature and gather new materials at the Resource World! Teleport to the new world using the command /resource tp Border size of 4,500 blocks, auto generates after 7 days, no drowning and suffocation damage, and its always sunny.

Bigger Chunky Claiming System
New players receives 250 claim blocks, get 349 claim blocks per hour and up to 10,000 claim blocks max, and get 99 BONUS claim blocks every vote.

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