Demogexia Survival Update (28/8/2020)

August 28, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

General plugin and server software update.


  • Furnace ownership is no longer lost when the furnace stops doing a job
  • Furnaces remember owners between restarts
  • Fixed a bug where Netherite weapons/tools/armor weren’t applying correct values in some skill calculations
  • Added Netherite Gold Ore to Smelting XP tables
  • Fixed a few potential issues with scoreboards
  • Iron Arm Style renamed to Steel Arm Style
  • Steel Arm Style now scales over 20 ranks instead of 5
  • Slight buff to Rupture


  • Fixed a bug where people can enchant a stack of items with a single book on anvils.
  • Fixed a bug where combat armor enchants could be applied on yourself.
  • Added 1.16 blocks and items to vein mining feature

Other Changes:

  • Updated server software to Paper 141 (MC: 1.16.2)
  • Various bug fixes with trade system
  • Multiple plugins updated to latest version

Tags: survival

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