Demogexia Survival Update (6/9/2020) nice

September 6, 2020 By HyperVx2 Changelog

This update introduces the return of Ðallants currency and player chest shops.


  • Added Ðallants currency
  • All players gets a starting balance of Ð5
  • Earn more Ðallants from server votes
  • Use Ðallants to purchase goods from player shops
  • You can only get up to 9,999 Ðallants
  • Various Trade System bug fixes
  • Fixed a money dupe glitch where you added money for the trade and then moved your money to someone else during the trade
  • Fixed hidden money replacement item for trade partner
  • Fixed cancelled trade countdowns
  • Fixed deleted items for cancelled trades and full inventories
  • Spooky Caves changes
  • Cave aging should no longer affect claimed lands
  • Less chance of cave aging
  • The Darkness will die if light is detected (Night Vision effect is considered as a light source)
  • Removed Magma Monster
  • Removed Watcher
  • Teleport cooldown has been set from 1800s to 30s
  • Community Chat now works across dimensions
  • Despawn rate of cobblestone and dirt has been set to 36 seconds
  • Disabled netherrack setting on fire
  • Disabled item pickup while AFK
  • Removed Iron Sword on Help Kit 1
  • Disabled SlimeXpansion-related items
  • Removed Dragon Drops (Elytra)

New Crafting Recipes:

  • Added Cauldron Concrete – drop concrete powder into a cauldron filled with water to instantly harden all concrete powders.
  • Straight to Shapeless – craft items such as paper, bread, and shulker boxes directly in your 2×2.
  • Blackstone Cobblestone – craft all items that require cobblestone, using blackstone.
  • Powder to Glass – smelt all colors of concrete powder into their respective stained glass color.
  • Craftable Blackstone – craft blackstone or polished blackstone, using basalt and coal/charcoal.

Player Shop System:

  • Added new Chest Shop feature
  • Here’s a written tutorial on how to make and buy/sell a player chest shop at
  • Learn an item’s worth by using cmd /worth

Other Changes:

  • Updated Wandering Villager trades
  • Fixed Discord to Minecraft chat
  • World backups now takes place every Sundays and Wednesdays at 1: PM MNL Time.
  • “~” prefix on nicknames (Present on Discord chat)
  • New sexy server MOTD
  • Chat Tags are now usable across the network (Lobby Chat Tags working in progress)

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