Demogexia Survival Update (01/14/2021) Happy New Year!

Demogexia Survival Update (01/14/2021) Happy New Year!
January 14, 2021 By HyperVx2 Changelog

This update includes numerous plugins updated to the latest version.


  • Added new crafting recipes
  • Removed VeryDangerousNether
  • Removed TradeSystem
  • Removed bigger phantoms

New GoldenEnchants

  • Pigificator – Turns Pig Zombies back to Pigs.
  • Village Defender – Inflicts more damage to Pillagers.
  • Lucky Miner – Increases exp drop from ores.
  • Blast Mining – Creates an explosion when mining blocks.
  • Replanter (Hoe) – Auto replants crops when clicking farmland or breaks growth plants.

Slimefun4 Changes

  • Slimefun4 Release Candidates 17/18/19 changelogs at Slimefun4/
  • Updated Slimefun4 addons
  • Removed ExtraTools and TrascEndence (Not 1.16 compatible)

Other Changes

  • Updated and added new data packs and crafting tweaks from
    • Visit the Advancements screen in-game for details.
  • Lots of changes with mcMMO here are the highlights
    • Master Angler now has 8 ranks.
    • Added Woodcutting skill ‘Knock on Wood’ – This ability gives you goodies (saplings, XP orbs, apples, etc) when using Tree Feller.
    • MC 1.9+ (Elytra, Crossbow, Shield, etc.) types of equipment are now repairable.
    • A ton of bug fixes.
  • Removed plugins AcoWorth, CropChecker, TradeSystem, and VeryDangerousNether.
  • [GoldenEnchant] Fixed a bug, where Smelter enchants does not reduce item durability.
  • [GoldenEnchant] Fixed a bug, where conflicting enchantments could be applied together in an enchanting table.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed Thrifty enchantment egg drops for Mushroom Cows.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed Exp drop from blocks mined by Tunnel enchantment.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed Redstone ore mining for Tunnel enchantment.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed a bug, where book enchantments could apply incorrectly sometimes.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed Tunnel enchant for Obsidian blocks.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed a bug, where enabling villager support lead to a server crash.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed a bug, where enchantments on enchanted books have had effects when using in hand.
  • [GoldenEnchants] Fixed a bug, where Treasures enchantment could be used on blocks mined by Silk Touch.
  • Improved server performance.
    • Changed spawn limits of ambient and regular water mobs.
    • Set no tick view distance
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