@everyone, this update includes the return of super spook monster from caves and the nether, more new SF addons, stinkin ranks, and a basic functioning spawn. New Slimefun Addons4 new SF addons are added on the server! Enjoy HotbarPets, SlimefunOreChunks, SlimeXpansion, and SoundMuffler. “SlimeXpansion adds 30 additional items, from Wireless Chargers to Bedrock Breakers to […]

@Survival, a maintenance will be conducted this Thursday, April 16, 2020, 12:30 – 15:00 (PST) to apply new additions to the server. Thank you. I advise you to not vote during these downtimes. If you have any Server Boosters or Chat Tag Redeem Items please consume them before the said maintenance.

@Members, the server will be down for a server update. ⌚ Thursday, April 2, 2020, (est.) 12:30PM – 2:00 PM (Manila Time) Avoid voting the server during maintenance as there are possibilities of losing that data. Come back to this channel for any new updates.

Good evening @everyone, This is HyperVx2, head administrator of Demogexia and Demogexia Survival, thank you for taking the time to enjoy the newly hosted server especially Mechanization. The datapack ImCoolYeah105’s Mechanization brought a new gameplay element boasting over 45 machines and 150 items to the server. I appreciate you all experiencing to the extent of […]

The server returns to host the semi-vanilla experience to everyone. Enable Server Resource Pack for the complete experience!!! ImCoolYeah105’s Mechanization DatapackMechanization has over 45 machines and 150 items with a feature set ranging from an extensive power system to custom ore generation to plasma guns. Learn more of this datapack over at their wiki: […]