Minor changes. Caves: Depth Temperature is now replaced with Depth Hypoxia. It gives the same effect, but calculated in other way – based on player’s inventory fullness and depth. Ambient Sounds is now played near player instead of straight player’s location. Added a new mob Cave Golem based on skeleton. Has random ore on a […]

Updated server software. Other Changes: Updated server software to paper-284

From Multitallented: This update aims to reduce the toxicity that normally comes with factions servers by incentivizing players to go to war with players who have already attacked others. Core: Each player now has a hardship rating that measures how much they’ve been attacked in war, raids, and hunts. Players with positive hardship get paid […]

Updated plugins and added new Slimefun addons. Gameplay: Updated Slimefun4 Updated Slimefun4 to version Release Candidate 11You may view the change log at Added Slimefun addons: TransEndence, ExtraGear, ChestTerminal, and PrivateStorage Updated LiteXpansion to version DEV 26 Updated mcMMO New command /mmoxpbar (alias /xpbarsettings) – Players can choose to always show XP bars or […]

Minor bug fixes. Gameplay: Added bacon at spawn Fixed broken kit claimtools Fixed suffocation bug when you warp to spawn Fixed denied permissions with Ultra and Pro rank Other Changes: Updated no permission to use chat channel Updated server software to paper-220 Less aggressive exploit checking

Changed new hard nether mobs spawn rate. Gameplay: Set hard nether mobs spawn rate 100 > 5. The world no longer wraps like a round world should. Other Changes: Set cave aging 50 > 1. Disabled renaming of hard cave mobs.

This update patches up the frequent server crashes since April 16, 2020. Gameplay: Removed SoundMuffler Disabled Block Placer Enabled chests on mobs Enabled Elytra flight at max build height Disabled vein mining on default rank Disabled whatisthis and crop checker feature on default rank Other Changes: Updated server software to paper-192 Disabled local voice channel […]

This update includes the return of super spook monster from caves and the nether, more new SF addons, stinkin ranks, and a basic functioning spawn. Commands: Added /einfo Added /motd Added /rules Added /trade Added /spawn/warp spawn Changed /wild cooldown from 15 minutes to 30 minutes Gameplay: Changed view distance from 5 to 8 Added […]

Fixed a few issues and slight non-noticeable changes. Gameplay:– Changed despawn rate of cobblestones and dirt items on ground.– Fixed an issue where you were not able to go above the nether roof. Other changes:– Server Boosters can now properly broadcast the message if activated.– Less aggression on chat filtering. – Changed Server Booster Status […]

@everyone, this update includes the Vote System, new Slimefun addons, and mcMMO balancing. Vote SystemSupport the server by voting on various server listings. Visit #server-information for the complete information.Visit the Vote Shop to purchase chat tags and server-wide boosts. Updated Slimefun and new AddonsPlugin Slimefun has been updated to version RC 10 to patch out […]