a Minecraft server

Fixed a few issues and slight non-noticeable changes. Gameplay:– Changed despawn rate of cobblestones and dirt items on ground.– Fixed an issue where you were not able to go above the nether roof. Other changes:– Server Boosters can now properly broadcast the message if activated.– Less aggression on chat filtering. – Changed Server Booster Status […]

@everyone, this update includes the Vote System, new Slimefun addons, and mcMMO balancing. Vote SystemSupport the server by voting on various server listings. Visit #server-information for the complete information.Visit the Vote Shop to purchase chat tags and server-wide boosts. Updated Slimefun and new AddonsPlugin Slimefun has been updated to version RC 10 to patch out […]

@Members, the server will be down for a server update. ⌚ Thursday, April 2, 2020, (est.) 12:30PM – 2:00 PM (Manila Time) Avoid voting the server during maintenance as there are possibilities of losing that data. Come back to this channel for any new updates.

@everyone, this update replaces Mechanization with Slimefun. Slimefun Takes Over MechanizationRemoved the datapack Mechanization for TPS stabilization. Slimefun is back in Demogexia. Slimefun addons will be added in time. Lobby ServerWe have added a lobby server for new gamemodes coming to Demogexia soon. Other Changes:– Now added text channel #network-chat for network-wide chatter on Minecraft. […]

Good evening @everyone, This is HyperVx2, head administrator of Demogexia and Demogexia Survival, thank you for taking the time to enjoy the newly hosted server especially Mechanization. The datapack ImCoolYeah105’s Mechanization brought a new gameplay element boasting over 45 machines and 150 items to the server. I appreciate you all experiencing to the extent of […]

Server optimizations and stuff. Datapack Removed CaveBiomes datapack for stable server performance (TPS). No new cave biomes will be generated on unseen chunks. Login System Temporarily accepting new cracked accounts. Now is the time to invite your cracked friends over and register. Wild TP Changed command cooldown to 15 minutes; enabled wild on death. Chat […]

The server returns to host the semi-vanilla experience to everyone. Enable Server Resource Pack for the complete experience!!! ImCoolYeah105’s Mechanization DatapackMechanization has over 45 machines and 150 items with a feature set ranging from an extensive power system to custom ore generation to plasma guns. Learn more of this datapack over at their wiki: https://github.com/ImCoolYeah105/Mechanization/wiki […]